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After being introduced to wearing Xtreme lashes she has decided to become a Certified Professional. “I feel so much more confident and beautiful when I am wearing my lashes! Sounds minor but I believe there is a reason so many women don’t leave the house without their eye makeup on! I love how easy my makeup routine is and of course love the compliments! Many people can’t believe they are not real because they look so natural. I also appreciate the recommended after care products. Other lash companies send you out the door with little to no follow up on the best ways to care for my new lashes. I wanted a company that told you how to care for them, had products to care for them so my customers could get the most out of their investment.”

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They say the eyes are the windows of your soul, make yours beautiful!

Many women say that if they were stranded on an island and could bring one cosmetic item it would be mascara or eyeliner. Why bring either when you can get the most beautiful lashes you have ever had with Xtreme Lash Extensions? Xtreme is an award winning semi-permanent eyelash extension line that are single strands of synthetic eyelashes applied to a single natural eyelash. They are almost weightless and many clients say they forget they are wearing them until someone tells them how beautiful their eyes look. Sandra Ebert, licensed cosmetologist, will customize and beautifully taper your lashes to fit your unique look and eye shape.

Who are they for?

Anyone wanting longer, fuller and darker looking eyelashes! Xtreme Lash Extensions allow you to wake up each day with beautiful eyes with little need to adjust your lifestyle. They are perfect for everyday wear or special occasions (weddings, honeymoon, vacations etc..) because you can sleep, swim, and go to the spa worry-free.

Is it safe?

Xtreme Lashes products are developed to the highest standards of safety under the director of Registered Nurse, CEO, and co-founder, Jo Mouselli, Xtreme Lashes Lash Stylists are credentialed beauty professionals who have successfully completed rigorous training and evaluation. The award winning, patent pending lash adhesive is only available to professionals trained by Xtreme.

How do I prepare for the application?

Do not curl or wear mascara to the appointment. Ensure that your eyelashes are make-up free, clean and dry. If you wear contacts make sure to remove them prior to the appointment and bring your glasses to wear 3 hours after the application.

How long is the appointment?

A new set of lashes takes 2-2 ½ hours. Lash fills take 1-1 ½ hours depending on each client situation. Each lash application is customized for the client, their eye shape and desired design. During the application you recline with your eyes completely shut, many take a much needed nap while having them done.

How long do they last?

They can be worn indefinitely with proper care and lash fills. With routine lash fills every two weeks lash extensions can be applied to natural new lash growth. After years of being in the beauty industry including doing hair for 13 years and working for Aveda for 17 years, Sandra Ebert had decided to get back to working one on one with women to bring out their very best. Sandra has worn lashes throughout the years and found many to be irritating to sensitive eye’s and too heavy!



Lash Lift and Tint $100.00
Eyelash Extension Set Eyelash extensions$200.00
Eyelash Extension Fill $75.00
Eyelash Tinting $25.00
Lash Lift setting a curl into the lashes that lasts 8 to 12 weeks$75.00
Brow Tint $25.00

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